Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Decorations

Although we are going back to DC for Christmas, this was still our first Christmas Season in our new house & I had to go all out decorating!  We have 3 trees (yes, 3!) and put wreaths on all of our windows and Alan did an amazing job on our Christmas lights (although he needs to step it up a notch next year so we have a chance at winning the neighborhood light contest!)  Since we put so much effort into decorating, we also decided that we should have some of our friends over for a little Holiday Housewarming Party.  We hadn’t done this since we moved in & figured this was the perfect opportunity.  We also were invited to go to the Westside Tennis Club, which is right by our house, to look at their 1 million+ Christmas light display…it was pretty amazing how many lights they had wrapped on the branches of those trees!

Mac enjoying a nap by the tree.


Going to see the lights at Westside Tennis Club.


Christmas Table Scape and the tree topper I made for our entry way tree.


Our Christmas Card Display this year…I LOVE coming home to Christmas Cards in the mail!


I made this wreath for our front door this year.


Of course we needed one of these to celebrate of first married Christmas!


Mac made an appearance in this post, so naturally Jax did, too Smile


We received our new stockings as a wedding gift & I just adore them!  And this is my entry way tree…it’s probably my favorite decorated tree.  I need to boost up the amount of ornaments I have on my big tree next year so that it looks more complete.


My mom helped me make all of the wreaths for the windows while she was here over Thanksgiving.


Our big family room tree & our little tree in the office.


The tree topper I made for the big tree.


And our Christmas card this year!


Hope everyone has a Very Merry Christmas!!  Love, The Days

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Katie Norwood said...

Hey Friend! Just discoverd your blog... how did I not know about it till now?? I've linked your blog to mine :-) BEAUTIFUL pics you have here!!!