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Following our perfectly amazing Wedding, we went on a spectacular Honeymoon to Greece.  We spend our first & last day in Greece, and then 4 days in Mykonos & 4 days in Santorini.  It was truly incredible and we had the best time.  We didn’t plan a whole lot and just took things day by day.  We were in total relaxation mode!  Here are a bunch of our pictures (and beware…it’s a crazy long post!)

Starting off at the wine bar in the airport before we get on our flight to Europe.

Wedding_Honeymoon 057

Frankfurt Airport Layover at 7AM…Never too early for a Beer & Brat though, right Alan??

Wedding_Honeymoon 058Wedding_Honeymoon 061

View from our hotel in Athens!

Wedding_Honeymoon 068Wedding_Honeymoon 073Wedding_Honeymoon 074Wedding_Honeymoon 075Wedding_Honeymoon 080Wedding_Honeymoon 103Wedding_Honeymoon 104Wedding_Honeymoon 111Wedding_Honeymoon 121Wedding_Honeymoon 123Wedding_Honeymoon 126Wedding_Honeymoon 136Wedding_Honeymoon 148Wedding_Honeymoon 152Wedding_Honeymoon 153

Getting on the Highspeed Ferry to Mykonos!

Wedding_Honeymoon 158Wedding_Honeymoon 189


Checking in to our suite at the Mykonos Grand!

Wedding_Honeymoon 192


Wedding_Honeymoon 195Wedding_Honeymoon 197Wedding_Honeymoon 209Wedding_Honeymoon 219Wedding_Honeymoon 221Wedding_Honeymoon 226Wedding_Honeymoon 229Wedding_Honeymoon 236Wedding_Honeymoon 240Wedding_Honeymoon 241Wedding_Honeymoon 244

White Bar at the hotel….had the best drinks & best views of the sunsets….as you can tell I really enjoyed my drinks and therefore took a lot of pictures of the sunsets Smile

My cutie husband!

Wedding_Honeymoon 265Wedding_Honeymoon 277Wedding_Honeymoon 274Wedding_Honeymoon 279Wedding_Honeymoon 280

After a couple of cocktails we went in to Mykonos town for a couple more cocktails & dinner.  We sat in Little Venice at on a balcony and watched the sun set there.

Wedding_Honeymoon 282Wedding_Honeymoon 284Wedding_Honeymoon 286Wedding_Honeymoon 292Wedding_Honeymoon 294Wedding_Honeymoon 297Wedding_Honeymoon 305Wedding_Honeymoon 306

There are stray cats all over Greece, and because we missed our cats at home so much, we took pictures of all of them Smile

Wedding_Honeymoon 309Wedding_Honeymoon 324

Morning hike to the other side of the island for breakfast

Wedding_Honeymoon 329Wedding_Honeymoon 330Wedding_Honeymoon 331Wedding_Honeymoon 333Wedding_Honeymoon 334Wedding_Honeymoon 336Wedding_Honeymoon 339Wedding_Honeymoon 364Wedding_Honeymoon 365Wedding_Honeymoon 367Wedding_Honeymoon 374Wedding_Honeymoon 377

Wedding_Honeymoon 384Wedding_Honeymoon 391Wedding_Honeymoon 392Wedding_Honeymoon 400

Having a serious conversation with our favorite bar tender at White Bar.

Wedding_Honeymoon 401

Wedding_Honeymoon 403Wedding_Honeymoon 404

Bubbles for the newlyweds!

Wedding_Honeymoon 408

Wedding_Honeymoon 409Wedding_Honeymoon 410Wedding_Honeymoon 412Wedding_Honeymoon 413Wedding_Honeymoon 414Wedding_Honeymoon 423Wedding_Honeymoon 432Wedding_Honeymoon 439Wedding_Honeymoon 441Wedding_Honeymoon 443Wedding_Honeymoon 445Wedding_Honeymoon 446Wedding_Honeymoon 448Wedding_Honeymoon 449Wedding_Honeymoon 451Wedding_Honeymoon 453Wedding_Honeymoon 456Wedding_Honeymoon 457

Hotel Lobby

Wedding_Honeymoon 458Wedding_Honeymoon 459Wedding_Honeymoon 461Wedding_Honeymoon 463

Wedding_Honeymoon 466Wedding_Honeymoon 467Wedding_Honeymoon 470

Back in Mykonos Town for breakfast & some shopping (Alan wanted some more “European” looking swim trunks!)

Wedding_Honeymoon 481Wedding_Honeymoon 482Wedding_Honeymoon 484

Alan & I back at the hotel pool in his new swim trunks.

Wedding_Honeymoon 486Wedding_Honeymoon 489

Our favorite pool boy…he kept talking greek to Alan since apparently he thought he was greek.  I guess Alan’s dark polish skin makes him look like a Greek?

Wedding_Honeymoon 490Wedding_Honeymoon 491Wedding_Honeymoon 493Wedding_Honeymoon 494Wedding_Honeymoon 495Wedding_Honeymoon 496Wedding_Honeymoon 505Wedding_Honeymoon 507Wedding_Honeymoon 528Wedding_Honeymoon 542

Waiting on the Ferry to go to Santorini.

Wedding_Honeymoon 558Wedding_Honeymoon 559Wedding_Honeymoon 560

I about died laughing when I saw the steep cliff these guys had to carry my overweight bags down!

Wedding_Honeymoon 563Wedding_Honeymoon 564Wedding_Honeymoon 567Wedding_Honeymoon 568Wedding_Honeymoon 571Wedding_Honeymoon 577Wedding_Honeymoon 587Wedding_Honeymoon 588Wedding_Honeymoon 590Wedding_Honeymoon 593Wedding_Honeymoon 610

Santorini is so quite & so peaceful! And obviously gorgeous!  In the late afternoons we would just sit on the balcony drinking watching the sun set.

Wedding_Honeymoon 612Wedding_Honeymoon 619Wedding_Honeymoon 621Wedding_Honeymoon 626Wedding_Honeymoon 627Wedding_Honeymoon 628Wedding_Honeymoon 633Wedding_Honeymoon 634Wedding_Honeymoon 638Wedding_Honeymoon 642Wedding_Honeymoon 640Wedding_Honeymoon 647Wedding_Honeymoon 649Wedding_Honeymoon 657Wedding_Honeymoon 669Wedding_Honeymoon 670Wedding_Honeymoon 674Wedding_Honeymoon 676Wedding_Honeymoon 677Wedding_Honeymoon 688Wedding_Honeymoon 692Wedding_Honeymoon 694Wedding_Honeymoon 695Wedding_Honeymoon 696

Wedding_Honeymoon 698Wedding_Honeymoon 704Wedding_Honeymoon 705Wedding_Honeymoon 706Wedding_Honeymoon 707Wedding_Honeymoon 713

One afternoon we went to Sigalas Vineyards and did a wine tasting.  It wasn’t too bad surprisingly enough…I had no idea there was wine in Greece!

Wedding_Honeymoon 714Wedding_Honeymoon 716Wedding_Honeymoon 720Wedding_Honeymoon 722Wedding_Honeymoon 725Wedding_Honeymoon 727Wedding_Honeymoon 728Wedding_Honeymoon 729Wedding_Honeymoon 731Wedding_Honeymoon 732Wedding_Honeymoon 735Wedding_Honeymoon 744Wedding_Honeymoon 754Wedding_Honeymoon 758Wedding_Honeymoon 760Wedding_Honeymoon 763Wedding_Honeymoon 765Wedding_Honeymoon 770Wedding_Honeymoon 774Wedding_Honeymoon 775Wedding_Honeymoon 776Wedding_Honeymoon 780

Wedding_Honeymoon 783Wedding_Honeymoon 784Wedding_Honeymoon 787Wedding_Honeymoon 788Wedding_Honeymoon 789Wedding_Honeymoon 790Wedding_Honeymoon 792Wedding_Honeymoon 793

The breakfast we would get every morning on our balcony!  Amazing!!

Wedding_Honeymoon 800Wedding_Honeymoon 808Wedding_Honeymoon 809Wedding_Honeymoon 810Wedding_Honeymoon 812Wedding_Honeymoon 815Wedding_Honeymoon 817Wedding_Honeymoon 819Wedding_Honeymoon 823Wedding_Honeymoon 826Wedding_Honeymoon 828

We actually stayed at a place called Artemis Villas in Santorini, but of course had to take a picture next to this little hotel.

Wedding_Honeymoon 831

Wedding_Honeymoon 832Wedding_Honeymoon 833Wedding_Honeymoon 844Wedding_Honeymoon 846Wedding_Honeymoon 847Wedding_Honeymoon 848Wedding_Honeymoon 851Wedding_Honeymoon 871Wedding_Honeymoon 867Wedding_Honeymoon 878Wedding_Honeymoon 884Wedding_Honeymoon 885Wedding_Honeymoon 886Wedding_Honeymoon 887Wedding_Honeymoon 890Wedding_Honeymoon 894Wedding_Honeymoon 895Wedding_Honeymoon 896Wedding_Honeymoon 903Wedding_Honeymoon 904Wedding_Honeymoon 906

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