Wednesday, December 22, 2010

He Asked Me to Marry Him!!!

Alan & I went to Amarillo to visit my Grandmother over Thanksgiving (my entire family is from Amarillo).  We had talked about stopping by the Palo Duro Canyon (2nd largest canyon in the US) on our way out of town, back to Houston.  So Saturday morning we left Amarillo & proceeded in route to the Canyon.  There are many hiking trails; we chose to do one of the shorter trails, the only trail that goes all the way to the base of the Canyon.  On our way down we found a fantastic spot on a ledge over- looking the entire Canyon where we took a couple of pictures.  We continued to the base of the Canyon and we set back for our hike back to the top.  As we approached the fantastic overlook where we had previously taken pictures, Alan suggested we revisit the spot.  He told me to sit down & that he had a something for us.  He pulled out a bottle of wine that I had given to him years ago & he always joke he was “saving for a special occasion”.  At this point, I was only thinking , “oh, how sweet… he’s being romantic”.  He then said “I always told you that I was saving this for a special occasion”.  I then started to get nervous, that this more than just a romantic moment.  He looked at me and said “I have something else for you”.  He pulled the most gorgeous ring I’ve ever seen and got on one knee said “I know you have been waiting for this for a long time” & then a whole bunch of things I don’t even remember!  I was crying, shaking, and in complete & total shock!!  I had no idea this was coming!  We celebrated with a glass of wine & many pictures.  Unfortunately, we did not have cell phone service in the Canyon and were still a half mile away from the top, so sprinted to the top of the Canyon to call our parents & share the news! 

It was so perfect and better than I could have ever imagined in my wildest dreams!  I had absolutely NO idea that this was coming!  We spent the rest of the day driving back to Houston & Alan joked that I had a nice 10 hour drive to spread the news!



IMG_2751 IMG_2789

This is the exact place Alan would propose about an hour later – I had no idea!!



IMG_2828 IMG_2835

He stops & tells me he has a surprise for us….I think he’s being cute & romantic…& am still taking pictures :) IMG_2850 IMG_2851

I still am clueless and am taking pictures of the bottle of wine…then he said, “ I have something else to ask you”  IMG_2854

In shock, filled with emotions, still crying…..but so happy!! IMG_2861 IMG_2862

That’s my fiance’! IMG_2865 IMG_2866 IMG_2867  IMG_2883IMG_2885

We have not yet set a date or location, but it will probably a Fall 2011 wedding in DC.  Oh yay for a year of wedding planning!

Jill & Billy’s Wedding

In early November we went to Jill & Billy’s wedding in Mexico. Everything was absolutely beautiful…the resort, the wedding setup, the bride! It was such a fun trip with some of our best friends.  Congrats Jill & Billy!!

 IMG_0702 IMG_0711 IMG_0726 IMG_0730 IMG_0734 IMG_0742 IMG_0746 IMG_0751 IMG_0760 IMG_0763 IMG_0774 IMG_0783 IMG_0793 IMG_0805 IMG_0810 IMG_0869 IMG_0900 IMG_0918 IMG_0922 IMG_0936 IMG_0938 IMG_0964 IMG_0983 IMG_1037 IMG_1042 IMG_1043 IMG_1046 IMG_1050 IMG_1059 IMG_1063 IMG_1068 IMG_1075 IMG_1078 IMG_1080 IMG_1092 IMG_1094 IMG_1103 IMG_1117 IMG_1131 IMG_1132 IMG_1139 IMG_1188 IMG_1264 IMG_1268