Thursday, June 30, 2011

Houston Couples Shower

A bunch of our friends graciously hosted a couples shower for Alan & I this past weekend in Houston.  It was so much fun & I think Alan really had a good time being a part of it.  Everything was decorated so festively; they had our names, Kelly & Alan Day, printed on everything, lanterns strung up outside, cute homemade poms, and even a create-your-own sundae bar (My friends know me oh-so well!).  We barbequed so they gave out jars of bbq sauce with our names on them as favors.  We played a fun game where the guests asked us questions about each other and we had to try to get the correct answers…and we actually did pretty well!

Thank you to my amazing friends, Katie, Jill, Erin, Michelle, Kristin, Sarah, Melanie, & Ashley, for hosting such an amazing shower!





Friday, June 3, 2011

Preston’s Transplant

Sweet Preston got his transplant on Wednesday evening!  It’s rather uneventful & painless, and is basically like getting blood.  It took about an hour & half and a nurse had to push it through a syringe since it was so viscous.  His family celebrated with a Transplant Birthday Party, complete with hats, cupcakes, & presents.  Now it’s a big waiting game for him.  They have to wait for engraftment, which will hopefully happen within the next month. 

Preston’s bone marrow donor was a 24 year old girl from Germany.  Becoming a donor is incredibly simple – they send you a kit of 3 swaps to collect cheek cells, along with the packing to send it back & you are added to the registry.  Many kids & adults like Preston need donors (Preston’s sisters & parents were not matches for him), so if you aren’t signed up to be a donor I encourage you to go to and sign up.  It’s easy & painless & you could save a life!