Friday, June 3, 2011

Preston’s Transplant

Sweet Preston got his transplant on Wednesday evening!  It’s rather uneventful & painless, and is basically like getting blood.  It took about an hour & half and a nurse had to push it through a syringe since it was so viscous.  His family celebrated with a Transplant Birthday Party, complete with hats, cupcakes, & presents.  Now it’s a big waiting game for him.  They have to wait for engraftment, which will hopefully happen within the next month. 

Preston’s bone marrow donor was a 24 year old girl from Germany.  Becoming a donor is incredibly simple – they send you a kit of 3 swaps to collect cheek cells, along with the packing to send it back & you are added to the registry.  Many kids & adults like Preston need donors (Preston’s sisters & parents were not matches for him), so if you aren’t signed up to be a donor I encourage you to go to and sign up.  It’s easy & painless & you could save a life!


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michelle ellis said...

He is so precious. His eyes are just beautiful!