Friday, April 9, 2010


I wish!  But no, I'm not talking about me!  My parents, are however, quickly approaching that milestone and are contemplating where they are going to retire.  They have lots of different ideas, Amarillo (they are both from there & it's techincally "home", but I think they will get bored too easily there & it's a LONG drive for me), South Carolina (they have good friends there & love the golf & beach, but it's a long flight for me), Santa Fe or Colorado (gorgeous part of the country, but again, a long flight), and the Texas Hill Country (this one gets my vote!).  Now you may think I'm being selfish, this isn't my decision or where I will spend the rest of my life, but I do have a particular interest in this. I grew up all over the place, moved all the time, and was at times half way across the country- or at times across the world - from family.  I love my parents & would love even more for them to be close to me.  Don't get me wrong, I also want them to be happy!  I am happy with my life in Houston and don't anticipate leaving anytime soon, but I don't think Houston is for them. The Hill Country is beautiful though, has milder weather, and is only a short 3 hour drive from me! :)  They are seriously considering it, and even came down to look at some property in Kerrville at a golf community called Comanche Trace .  Alan & I drove to Kerrville for the weekend to meet them and check out the property.  It was a truely gorgeous area and something they are considering, but they are only in the early stages of making this decision, and are going to continue to look and compare.  Here's some pictures of our fun weekend.  And Good Luck, Mom & Dad!

Bathroom Mom & I LOVED!

Nice golf course view from one of the houses.

Dad dreaming of having this view for the rest of his life

Me loving everything & trying to convince Mom & Dad to move back to Texas!

View from one of the lots

View from the clubhouse...not too shabby!

Me golfing

Alan & Dad golfing

Watching my ball

Sunset on the golf course

Sunset from the clubhouse at dinner

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