Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Charlotte Trip - Feb 2010

Back in Febuary it was our turn to go see our good friends, Nick & Tracy.  They came to Houston to see us back in November and we took a fantastic trip to San Antonio.  Alan & Nick lived together, in the same room for all 4 years of college, and practically lived with Nick & Tracy when they moved to Charlotte, so they were going through withdrawal having not seen each other for 3 months!  Not to mention we LOVE the Allen's and have frequent web-cam dates with them but would much rather see them in person. 
We got lucky and had gorgeous weather!  The guys got to play golf on Saturday while the girls went to a baby shower & then Alan & Nick made a yummy seafood boil for dinner.  Tracy's sister Lauren, her husband Tige & new baby Ryder recently moved to Charlotte and invited us all over for brunch on Sunday morning.  Thre rest of the time we were just pretty lazy and just enjoyed some wine & the great company. 

Tracy & I have the same camera & are slightly obsessed with them!
              Tracy & Ryder                  
Look at those eyes!  He's so precious!
What they will look like when they are 80.
Haha!  I love this picture!

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