Monday, August 15, 2011

All moved in!

Well we moved in to our new house just over a month ago.  It’s finally starting to feel like home, although there are still a ton of projects on our to-do list.  Here are some pictures from right after we moved in.  There have already been some updates that I’ll have to post later – we painted the master bath & closet, bought a dining room table, finally got our washer & dryer delivered, have rearranged some furniture since these pictures, and have all of the upstairs bedrooms set up ( I just haven’t had time to take pictures of all of that Smile )  Oh, and our dining room isn’t covered in boxes any more!

House 069

House 003House 005House 009House 010House 012House 013House 014House 022House 023House 024House 029House 038House 040House 045House 057House 059House 063House 064House 068House 072House 081House 085House 090

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