Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Under contract….again….

Yep, you read that right!  We made it to final inspection, the day prior to closing, and founnd mold on a wall.  They tore down the wall and found that the studs were saturated and also covered in mold & the moisture levels in some of the rooms was over 20%.  Everything had been just find when we had it inspected 3 weeks prior.  Water was getting into the foundation from somewhere below and they couldn’t figure out why. We decided that this was not something we wanted to deal with at all and terminated the contract. 

The next day we found another house that had just recently been listed in the same neighborhood & decided to make an appointment to go see it.  We immediately fell in love with it.  It was bigger, had some great updates, had what seem to be solid bones, and an absolutely gorgeous lot.  Needs a few little cosmetic changes, but Alan always needs a project so nothing that’s too big of a deal.  Since we already had everything in line with the lender from the previous house we decided to go ahead and make an offer on this one.  After a little negotiating the sellers accepted & we are under contract, once again Smile

So say some prayers that inspection goes well & there is nothing major that needs to be fixed!



arg said...

It's beautiful and has such great bones! I *adore* the kitchen cabinets!

Jacqueline and Travis Tapella said...

Love this house and the backyard! Good luck, hope you close soon! I will need your new address!