Monday, February 28, 2011

DC Engagement Pictures

We had our engagement pictures taken while we were back in DC over Christmas.  We thought it would be such a cute idea to have DC themed engagement pictures since we are having the wedding in DC, but did not consider the fact that it was going to be a blustery 23 degrees.  We braved the wind & cold and I am so glad because I think they turned out great!

 tuttle_day_dec_2010-21  tuttle_day_dec_2010-74tuttle_day_dec_2010-12   tuttle_day_dec_2010-62  tuttle_day_dec_2010-63 tuttle_day_dec_2010-41  tuttle_day_dec_2010-80 tuttle_day_dec_2010-82  tuttle_day_dec_2010-28tuttle_day_dec_2010-88  tuttle_day_dec_2010-19tuttle_day_dec_2010-103 tuttle_day_dec_2010-131 tuttle_day_dec_2010-136 tuttle_day_dec_2010-148 tuttle_day_dec_2010-156   tuttle_day_dec_2010-164  tuttle_day_dec_2010-9


Tracy Allen said...

So beautiful!!

Jacqueline and Travis Tapella said...

Beautiful photos! Love that you did them in DC!