Thursday, September 30, 2010

LA – Erin’s Bachelorette Weekend

About a month ago a bunch of us went to LA to celebrate Erin’s Bachelorette Weekend.  What a fabulous weekend that included shopping, great restaurants, cocktails, an unbelievably fun pool day, hair blow outs, and of course a little partying. 


Lunch at The Ivy IMG_4600

Shopping in West Hollywood IMG_4651 IMG_4652 IMG_4676

Bachelorette Night

IMG_4744 IMG_4726IMG_4729  IMG_4734IMG_4743 


Pool Day! IMG_4781 IMG_4794

IMG_4970 IMG_4807 IMG_4840 IMG_4902 IMG_4969  IMG_4796 IMG_4806 IMG_4818 IMG_4830 IMG_4832 


CoCo – our awesome pool boy/waiterIMG_4877 IMG_4891 IMG_4952 IMG_4971 IMG_5001 IMG_5022

Ashley entertained the crowd with cheer stunts. IMG_5085 IMG_5095 IMG_5110 IMG_5117 IMG_5120

Dry Bar.  No cuts. No color. Just blowouts.  IMG_5204

 IMG_5160 IMG_5163 IMG_5181 IMG_5189 IMG_5193 IMG_5199 IMG_5205 IMG_5267

IMG_5327 IMG_5269   IMG_5324  

And our last night:


IMG_5355 IMG_5344  IMG_5362 IMG_5376 IMG_5378 IMG_5380 

We had Erin’s Lingerie Shower in Houston a few days before we left for LA…check out this precious cake my friend Ashley made for it!


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michelle ellis said...

Looking at all these pictures made me want to have the whole weekend over again! It was so much fun! Kelly, your pictures are beyond amazing!!!