Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Zihautanejo 2010

Earlier this spring when Alan & I were contemplating where to go for vacation this year we threw out Napa, San Francisco, San Diego, Boston, and various others.  We had somewhat settled on Napa.  Then I got an email at work from Alan with a link to The Tides Zihautanejo.  He had heard Zihautanejo mentioned in his favorite movie, Shawshank Redemption, & had always wanted to go there.  I opened the link and responded “Yes, book NOW!”.  We went last week for 4 days and it was probably one of my most favorite vacations.  Everything about it was even better than anticipated (you never know just by looking at the photos online…photoshop works wonders!).  It’s considered off-season there, since it’s hot (although it’s no worse than Houston in the summer!) and so there was hardly anyone there and we were able to get a pretty good deal.  I think there were maybe 15 couples staying at the resort, of which we saw maybe 6 of them. 
Here are some of our over 1000 pictures!  I’m pretty sure we will be making another trip in the very near future!
Our Room!  We got an upgrade and had our own private plunge pool!IMG_3219  IMG_3232
Our patio..hammock & private plunge pool!IMG_3249
Excited about his first drink!
 This is where we ate our first night in downtown Zihau…they have the BEST fish tacos ever!IMG_3341
IMG_3380 IMG_3381
Doing a Tequila Tasting at one of the resort bars!
 IMG_3429 IMG_3436 IMG_3446 IMG_3447 IMG_3470  IMG_3501IMG_3512IMG_3505 IMG_3508 IMG_3510 IMG_3511 Lunch on the beach!
IMG_3559 IMG_3478 IMG_3521 IMG_3525 IMG_3528 IMG_3537 IMG_3548
 IMG_3566 IMG_3572 IMG_3635 IMG_36392 
This views at this restaurant were amazing…Tentaciones!IMG_3642 IMG_3650 IMG_3690IMG_3733 IMG_3731
 IMG_3822We went fishing one morning & caught some Tuna that the hotel chef prepared us for dinner that night!
IMG_3924 IMG_3839 IMG_3856 IMG_3870 IMG_3921  IMG_3981 IMG_3997
My spectacular new camera bag, Lola!IMG_4002 IMG_4004
The beach staff taking my stuff to our palapa….and having a little fun! IMG_4009 IMG_4016 IMG_4027 IMG_4033 IMG_4037IMG_4081 IMG_4043  IMG_4115 IMG_4124 IMG_4129
We had dinner on the beach our last night & the chef cooked the tuna that Alan caught earlier that morning! IMG_4147 IMG_4148 IMG_4172
Like I said, just a few of our many pictures, but if you get a craving for me of this gorgeous place, you can view all of our pictures here:

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