Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Utah Trip

So thanks to Southwest Airlines' fantastic sale, we were able to hop over to Utah after our Ski trip to visit Alan's oldest sister Teresa, her husband, Jack, & their 4 kids.  They live just outside Salt Lake in Logan in an old farm house that they are in the process of updating.  Their house has so much character & they have done an amazing job updating everything so far.  And the views from their house are to die for!  We didn't know how fabulous the views were until our last day when we were leaving for the airport because it was cloudy and snowing the entire time we were there.  Alan even got to experience real farm life when he, along with Jack & his nephews, used the tractor to try and dig us out of the crazy amount of snow so we could get to the airport!
Here's some of our pictures from our trip!
Driving in downtown Logan - No, these weren't in black & white - it was just snowing that hard!

@ Mick's basketball game

Brett & Ana playing in the snow (right before they destroyed Alan in a snowball fight!)

me & Ana watching Mick's basketball game

Brett, Ana, & Mick wrestling with their Uncle Al

Logan catching some air on his snowboard

Logan & Alan snowboarding at Beaver Mountain

view from the house on a cloudy can almost see the mountains!

Niece & nephews with Uncle Al
from L to R (Ana, Alan, Mick, Brett, Logan)

the barn

view from the driveway as we were leaving for the airport....we don't have views like this in Texas!
Alan & his sister Teresa

Alan & Kelly 2010 

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